This Island is located towards the bottom part of West Bengal and its that place where you see land is really ending and slowly crawling into the deep sea. Mousuni Island is open to sea from its three sides. Its a landmass rinsed by sea and river waters.

How To Reach :

Well reaching this place, needs few breakjourneys. Also you have to start early and be on time, to make it to Mousuni Island accordingly.

  1. First you need to take a local train to Namkhana. Don’t believe the online train timings / the boards at Sealdah in this case. Those are completely ourdated and that there are various trains to Namkhana.
  2. From Namkhana Railway Station, take a motorized van / toto to reach the Jetty. [Rs. 10/- per head]
  3. From Jetty you need to cross the Hatania – Doania River by ferry. Ferry’s leave every few minutes. [Rs. 2/- per head]
  4. From there you may walk / take a motorized van to Bus Stand from where Bakkhali bound buses leave. [Rs. 7/- per head]
  5. From there you need to take a Tata Magic to Durgapur Ghat. [Rs. 15/- per head] Ferry’s leave every one hour starting from 7 AM. The last ferry leaves at 1:10 PM before going for lunch break. The same resumes again at 3 PM with the last one being at 10 PM.
  6. Cross by ferry and get down at Bagdanga (the last stop). [Rs. 4/- per head] From Bagdanga ferry’s leaves every one hour starting from 6:30 AM upto 10:30 and then at 11:40 and 12:40 respectively before going for lunch break. The ferry service resumes again at 2:30 PM till 9:30 PM.
  7. From there you can hire a van / have your pickup pre-arranged to Baliara Beach Tent, Mousuni Island. [Rs. 200/- one way, can accommodate upto 8 pax with luggage]

For those who are wondering, yes you can go by Bike. However people planning to go by car, please avoid, as you although you can reach Bakkhali by car, however here you have to cross 2 ferry’s. And on the 2nd Ferry Service i.e. for Durgapur Ghat – Bagdanga, we didn’t notice any scope for transporting the vehicle.

Yes, It’s a couple friendly place and also kid and pet-friendly. We both have tent and Mud-cottage facilities so you can avail any one of it.
To reach Mousuni by car you have to take route from Kolkata to Bakkhali via Diamond Harbour, after crossing Hatania-Doania river bridge ask local people for the route of Hujjuter Ghat. At Hujjuter Ghat you will find parking place for your own car.
If you’re an avid traveler then add Mousuni Island to your next travel itinerary. The place is safe to visit where you can create friendship of a lifetime with other travelers and locals. Experience nature at its best. Remember to leave the Island Cleaner than you found.
Just 110 km away from kolkata, travelling cost to reach the location
Yes, I (75+) and my wife (68+) stayed there for a night, many of my relatives and friends have also visited the place and stayed there. Neither we nor any of them have had any doubt about the safety and security in the small island.
No, Its not possible to enter mousuni with four wheeler. if you want to reach via bike, its possible.

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