Places & Attractions in Mousuni Island

Nature photography stays in the priority list in Mousuni Island because it is a nature admirer & photographers captivate place. The main attraction of the Island is in the Fisherman Colonies which is divided into groups. One of them is headed towards the mangrove. You can merely walk through the Sea beach & Mud walk within the area is a beautiful experience to appreciate. You can cherish your eyes through bird watching at Kakramarir Char. If you want to take part in some activities, then you can avail a boat & take a ride. Otherwise, there are options for you like fishery & crab catching. Without exploring, you can enjoy self-time by relaxing in the Hammock. You can visit the nearby villages & gained the mesmerizing view of the sunset. Apart from this, each camper will also be able to bite into delicious local cuisines. Fresh fish from rives and oceans will add an extra flavor to your unique camping experience.