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Mousuni Island Baluchari.

Baliara, Mousuni Island | Near Namkhana, 24 Parganas South PIN.743357.

Route map From Kolkata

From Sealdah Take Namkhana Local at Morning 7.10 am it Reaches to Namkhana by 10 am. ---- > Take a Van/Toto to reach Ferry Ghat (10 INR) ---->Cross Hatiani Doani River (2 INR) -----> Take a Toto/Van to reach Busstop (7 INR) ----> Board Bakkhali bound Bus (16 INR)or Book a Car (400 INR) to Reach 10 Mile Bus Stop ( 14 KM).In case you are booking car Ask to take you till Patibunia Ghat---> If You are coming by Bus take a Van from 10 MIle till Patibunia Ghat ( 5-6 KM Read Worst road you can Imagine of).----> Take a Water Vessel to cross patibunia River & you reached Mousuni Island. If you are coming by Bus take a Bakkhali bound bud & stop at 10 MIle.